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Go Coasteering Staff Meet Up 2017 Locations – Gurnards Head – West Cornwall, Rinsey Head, Cadgwith Cove, Mevagissey. This years staff training was based out of the BF Adventure site near Falmouth. A big thanks to the team at BF Adventure for having us. This years coasteering training plan was […]

Coasteering Training Meet Up 2017 – Cornwall

2016 go coasteering highlights
Go Coasteering 2016 Highlights 2016 got a bad rep in the media and it wasn’t a great year for some. It makes me feel a bit guilty that we had so much fun.  It was extremely hard to pick from the many adventures we have had with clients and friends […]

Go Coasteering 2016 Highlights

underwater picture of landing
Do we sink like a stone or float like a butterfly? This wasn’t our most scientific endeavour. However we did set out to determine if there was any consistent factors which affect how deep we go when jumping from a 10 metre cliff. So having gathered a group of unsuspecting […]

Jump Training and Depth Testing

guide training newquay
Coasteering Training Workshop – Newquay Every year we run a training day or two to keep on top of skills and to keep up to date on any new techniques or knowledge. This year Mick Burke kindly organised and set up a 2 day coasteering workshop for the Go Coasteering […]

Coasteering Training Workshop – Feb 2016

Jumping into the sea
The world of coasteering moves in mysterious ways, procedures and techniques are localised, attitudes vocalised and information never formalised. In such an environment it seems that companies a reluctant to share information. Freelancers on the other hand, used to talking the hind legs off clients, can’t stop talking cobblers and therefore are the […]

Happy Feet – A Quest by Soggy Lemming

We have set out several challenge routes across Devon and Cornwall to test the brave. Join us on one our 4 – 5hr routes like the Punishing Point or the Rillage Rapage this year. These trips are only for people who have some coasteering experience and a good fitness level. […]

New for 2016 – Coasteering Challenge Routes

axe and knife throwing devon
This year we will be running axe and knife throwing sessions for ages of 12 and over. Amazing fun, safe and very addictive. More info at GoCoasteering/axe and knife throwing Since the world championships were held in the UK last year, axe and knife throwing is becoming a more recognised target […]

New for 2016 – Axe and Knife Throwing

Staff Coasteering in Cornwall
A very exciting staff trip out before our christmas party. We headed up to North Cornwall for a coasteering trip around one of our favorite venues. The swell was big and the sun was out. We managed to get a good 3 hours in before the beer and food called […]

Xmas go coasteering staff trip

canyoning bag
A friend has designed this rucksack for coasteering and canyoning. It can be used as a rope bag for canyoning or a kit bag for a range of sports including coasteering. It has a releasable waist and shoulder straps. Tough and durable outer layer Mesh inside pocket and top zip […]

Coasteering/Canyoning Rucksack

Coasteering around St Ives; is amazing in so many ways. Even though it is one of Cornwall’s busiest places there are sections of coastline that are wild and untamed even today. Canyons, jumps and stunning scenery make this a must visit location for the coasteering enthusiast.

Coasteering Near St Ives