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Coasteering Training Workshop – Newquay

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Every year we run a training day or two to keep on top of skills and to keep up to date on any new techniques or knowledge. This year Mick Burke kindly organised and set up a 2 day coasteering workshop for the Go Coasteering team and South Devon freelance guides. Mick is an all round adventurer and he is also a keen photographer. Check out his work on his website Mark Agnew also joined us, he is the South Devon rep for the National Coasteering Charter. His input was appreciated by everyone and he gave us some useful information on the NCC and where it is headed.playing in the swell at Pentire

We had great conditions with the sun making an appearance and just enough swell to keep things interesting. The idea was that we would use venues that were new for some so that we could discuss decision making and route choice throughout the 2 days. This is extremely useful as we believe coasteering guides should have the skills and knowledge to work anywhere not just on a set route in the same venue over and over. On the first morning we went from Porthcothan Bay round to Porth Mear and explored the Trescore Islands. On route we played with different towing and rescue techniques and used all manner of equipment and methods. Some great things came from sharing this knowledge and actually using it in the environment we work in was really valuable. The islands were great fun and it was fantastic to see everyone enjoying themselves, there was lots of girlish giggling coming from 10 grown men. Lots of ideas were kicked around and the morning was very positive.

Jumping in at Pentire NewquayAfter a bit of lunch, pasties of course , we headed to Pentire, Newquay. The idea was to look at jumping techniques and how the swell moves through gullies and caves. The conditions were spot on, sun, swell and just the right tide height. It was so much fun the itinerary was ignored and we decided to enjoy the route as much as possible. This in itself brought out lots of discussion about jumping, water depths and yet more giggling. We earned a beer on the way back to the comfortable bunk house at I highly reccomend it. That evening Mick gave some presentations on tides, swell and weather forecasting and Mark talked about the NCC and its role in the future while we tried to dent the intimidating amount of chilli Aaron Deache had made us. Day 2 was spent coasteering around Porth Island, Newquay. This a fun venue full of caves and it has one of my favorite jumps on the North Cornwall coast, the post box, well that’s what I call it anyway. The wind came round Northerly and brought some cold conditions so we didn’t hang around too long, just enjoyed the venue and had a debrief in a tiny cafe in Porth. Overall it was a fantastic two days with a huge amount of knowledge and good practise gained. It was also nice to get everyone together and have a laugh doing something we all love. Fingers crossed for a busy year ahead.

coasteering is not just a job.

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