Go Coasteering 2016 Highlights

Go Coasteering 2016 Highlights

2016 go coasteering highlights

2016 got a bad rep in the media and it wasn’t a great year for some. It makes me feel a bit guilty that we had so much fun.  It was extremely hard to pick from the many adventures we have had with clients and friends this year.  I would like to thank the amazing staff team for all their help and support.

South West coasteering Guide

south west coasteering guide book

Finally the book was ready this year. It took just over three years and a huge effort from family and friends to help me finish it. The process for completing the book was amazing. So many new venues scouted from maps or from talking to others for advice. Lots of van banter on the long drives around the South West, lots of service station food and plenty of scrambling through waist high gorse. Of course we also got to coasteer around some fantastic locations. Devon and Cornwall have so much to offer and all aspects of the coastline are outstanding. Get it through Amazon or direct through us via email. Info@gocoasteering.com



Staff Training

feb 2016 training workshop

We all went up to North Cornwall for a 2 day training workshop in Feb 2016. We looked at some new venues, discussed techniques checked out new equipment and had a few beers. A real team bonding event and some of the best conditions we could hope for. Read the full report Here.

Looking forward to this year’s training in Land’s end, Cornwall. If you are interested please get in touch.

Top Kit Recommendation For 2016

Adidas Terrex Hydro Pro – Easily the best shoe I have worn for coasteering. Nearly all the team are wearing them now after Mick was the guinea pig for us.

Adventurous Schools

kid going through a sump

We have had some really hardy kids coasteering this year. The schools we work with seem to love a full on experience for their students. This local school have been coming for a few years now and we got all of them through the 2m sump ( Sump or siphon is a term used  to describe a passage that is submerged under water) at Anstey’s Cove. Sumps seem to play on many of our in built fears and these children stepped up and were brilliant. 

Scout Group Bellyaking

white water bellyaking river exe

We took these scouts from Barnsley for a Coasteering and Bellyaking day in Sept. Bellyaking is a new craft like a cross between a kayak and a surfboard that you use your hands to control . We took the scouts on the River Exe and in an hour they were running rapids, ferry gliding and surfing waves. The bellyaks are so intuitive and easy to right that the group picked it easy.

Dorset Coasteering


coasteering jump at Lulworth Cove

Jon Gunn and I took a trip down to Dorset on a sunny day off in May. We had some small swell and the temperature was great. We did three routes, the best being the trip around to Lulworth cove from Stair hole. This trip has caves, jump, sumps and once you get away from the tourists it feels quite remote. Definitely a highlight of 2016 for me.

Axe and Knife Throwing

axe throwing for family's

After getting hooked on the sport of axe and knife throwing I decided to run it as a session. There was a lot of “are you mad” comments but it has been a safe and fun extra for our clients. What surprised me was the interest from family groups. They love it. This family ( pictured above) were on holiday in Bude and gave it a try. They were soon hooked and the natural family competitiveness shone through. Big thanks to Teresa and her family for giving it a go.


Thanks for reading this snapshot of our year. If you want to see more of what we have been up to then follow us on instagram or facebook.

Keith Putman